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21 August 2019

Intern Programme

Howse Williams offers summer and winter intern placements, usually to law undergraduates who are in their final year of study or other students applying for training contracts.   The internships are generally for three weeks.  Interns work directly with partners and/or senior associates in one of our practice areas.

Training Programme

Howse Williams Training Programme is normally divided into four six-month seats giving trainees practical, hands-on experience in different areas of law.  Wherever possible, our trainees sit in the same room as their supervising partner.  This gives trainees the opportunity to learn by example, build a relationship with their supervising partner and get immediate and ongoing guidance.  In addition our trainees have mentors who provide support and practical day to day advice.  Our trainees make a real contribution to the service we offer our clients.  When it comes to seat rotations we consult our trainees and make every effort to accommodate specific requests. 

Howse Williams hosts regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Risk Management Education (RME) seminars and workshops internally to which trainee solicitors are invited.  The courses cover a wide range of legal topics and skills based training.  In addition the firm offers additional adhoc training on a variety of subjects.

Training Contracts

Howse Williams takes 8 trainee solicitors each year.  We generally recruit trainees one year ahead.  We are looking for enthusiastic applicants with excellent academic and personal achievements.


Howse Williams offers an attractive salary and benefits package that is competitive with international law firms.


Howse Williams offers a congenial, supportive working environment with a strong work ethic.  The partners and associates have an open door policy and readily welcome questions, suggestions and ideas.  Trainees are invited to regular social events such as firm dinners, drinks, junk trips, sporting events and a variety of charity events.

The partners encourage trainees to take on as much responsibility as they think they are capable of whilst providing guidance and support as needed.

100% Retention

We aim to retain all of our trainees on completion of their training contracts.

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To apply please send your CV and academic transcripts direct to

Helen Rogers
Chief Operating Officer


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We put people first and look to build lasting relationships.
Chris Howse, Partner
Graduate Recruitment
21 August 2019